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Use kitchen scraps

Use kitchen scraps

Verlag: BookRix
Sprache: English
Genre: Roman
Erschienen: 2017-01-11

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This situation certainly sounds familiar to you: Noodle leftovers in the fridge, the half-full pack of tomato sauce which is no longer needed, the chocolate eggs are piled up. Doesn`t it hurt you sometimes (or often ?!) to throw away fresh green vegetable leaves or stalks and fruit peels, full of vitamins, because there is no further use for it? Let`s change to an almost 100% use of leftovers.   Cooking with leftovers is fun and diversified, it is quick and easy, saves a lot of money and waste. Bring new variations into your kitchen! No more residues, no more throwing away!! I'll show you delicious recipe ideas for leftover food.